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All Avenues Explored With The Avenir Jumpsuit

I’ve covered most of the avenues in Tel Aviv in my Avenir Jumpsuit. Whether it’s zipping around on our speed machine,

Front view of Geri wearing Avenir Jumpsuit outdoors

or communing with a tree,

Front view of Geri wearing Avenir Jumpsuit outdoors

this jumpsuit is a one-piece wonder that can take me anywhere from running errands, to meetings at work, to partying on the beach, to couch-surfing.

Front view of Geri wearing Avenir Jumpsuit indoors

All of these daily activities can be achieved in style and comfort in this garment designed by Friday Pattern Company (@fridaypatterncompany on Instagram).

Front view of Geri wearing Avenir Jumpsuit outdoors

Comfort is the key word here because you can throw on this jumpsuit and you don’t have to think about it again while wearing it. The elastic waistband and neckline ensure that this loose-fitting outfit will stay in place. There is also elastic around the almost full-length sleeves that create a feminine billowy shape. This also keeps the sleeves from dipping into your soup. However, if you care less about your sleeves mixing in with your boscht, you may want to consider leaving the end of the sleeves loosey-goosey. I almost did it because it looked very dramatic and romantic just before I put in the elastic. But the practical side of me won that debate because I wanted to wear this while accomplishing all the tasks that I do all day without sleeves getting into the way.

This garment is an ode to elastic closures. Almost all the openings are installed with elastic except for the bottom of the pant legs. But I guess you could put elastic there as well, which will give you a harem-style look. Elastic is the champion here, and I am in awe at how such a humble notion can create such a nifty outfit. Because the design is so heavily reliant on elastic, I made sure I got the best kind, and splurged on bra-strap elastic instead of the regular. The former will last longer and survive more washings.

Sizes for the Avenir come in XS-4X. My body measurements according to waist and hip puts me in size S, but a quick check of the final measurements show that I can afford to drop to size XS. Even after dropping a size, the final garment still has a lot of ease.

view of sleeve of  Avenir Jumpsuit

The fabric I chose is a viscose cream with flowers and paisley print. I have a peach linen lined up for my next attempt at this, and I’m also considering a stable knit version. This pattern is suitable for woven material and stable knits, which is bonus. Sewing up the garment is a breeze and it’s a great jumpsuit pattern for a beginner. But if you’re a true beginner, I advice to start with a fabric that’s not too slippery like viscose. The pattern works really well with linen, based on the pictures on the FPC website.

There’s the option to wear this off-shoulder, but I prefer the option of wearing it on-the-shoulder. Again, it’s the practical side of me making decisions because I find off-shoulder numbers tend to shift, and have to be readjusted now and again. Conveniently, the shoulder line keeps the bra-strap hidden, which is another thing that I don’t have to fiddle with while wearing it.

The best thing about this jumpsuit is that it is as comfortable as my favourite sweats, but provide much more in terms of style. The Avenir is your second skin, it is your secret pyjamas, and it feels like you’re wearing air. But it’s no slouch; it’s got sass.

Front view of Geri wearing Avenir Jumpsuit outdoors

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