The Prettiest Playsuit - New Look 6446
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The Prettiest Playsuit – New Look 6446

Hello playsuit favourite of many – the New Look 6446 by Simplicity Patterns.

I made this playsuit more than a year ago, so details of the make might be somewhat foggy.

Technically speaking, Simplicity calls it a jumpsuit, but this outfit puts me in a playful mood, so “playsuit” it is.

The Prettiest Playsuit - New Look 6446
The Prettiest Playsuit - New Look 6446

This pattern offers 4 different views. Mainly, the choices are to sew up a dress (maxi or knee-length) or a jumpsuit or romper. There’s the option for a skinny vs wider waist-tie, but basically, the fully-lined bodice remains the same for all views. The closure is an invisible zipper installed in the back, but I reckon it can be easily moved to the side if that gives better access getting in and out of it. Finally, there are two big deep pockets. Yay! I love functional pockets in any garment. To summarise, it is a pretty simple and straightforward make, and the end result is delightful and fetching.

Sizes come in US 6-18. I made a size 10 for the bottoms and graded to size 6 for the bodice. I also chopped off the length of the bodice by one and a quarter inches. On hindsight (and since I’m too lazy to make a toile), I probably should have graded to size 8 and shortened the bodice by half an inch instead. Anyway, I say “poo-poo” to regrets. The bodice fits OK and I’m smarter now for the next make.

My version is made out of an Indonesian cotton batik-sarong that my mom bought while cruising to Bali. I love this fabric because in a 2 X 1.2m sarong, they managed to squeeze 5 different prints on it. There was some strategic planning done while cutting it to make sure I made the most out of these patterns on the fabric. The rust-red border on the selvedge was used to highlight the top band on the front bodice. Now as I’m writing, I wonder why I didn’t use it for the straps as well. Either I wasn’t paying attention, or ran out of the red border after cutting out the legs. Anyway, I say “poo-poo” to regrets. In my eyes, the playsuit is quite pretty!

Another adjustment for next time will be to lengthen the waist ties so that I can tie it up in a pretty bow.

The Prettiest Playsuit - New Look 6446

Finally, there was enough fabric left over for a face mask, so this outfit is colour-coordinated to go grocery-shopping in the days of Covid-19. Can’t wait to galavant in the neighbourhood in this number as the lockdown restrictions are slowly loosening in Tel Aviv.

The Prettiest Playsuit - New Look 6446

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